Information management in a multiuser environment is not simple, especially when the volume of information held in the organization keeps growing more and more: research shows that employees spend 16% (!) of their time searching for information - this means about three workdays every month, and over a month every year. Why is this happening and what is the solution?


Document Management, What's the Problem?


Saving a Word document seems like a rather simple task. Things start to get more complicated when you need to save the same file in a number of locations: for instance, you can save an invoice in the expenses folder as well as in the folder of the supplier itself. As time goes by, numerous versions of the file are created by different users, scattered among countless folders in the organization. How do you find the desired information in all that mess? And not less importantly - how do you avoid using outdated versions of the files? It has always been said that knowledge is power, and today, information management is the key to a substantial increase in the efficiency of the organization. What will you get from us?


M-Files - the Next Generation of Document Management in Organizations


Many organizations have already realized the contribution of a document management system to the efficiency of the organization. ADMS is proud to present one of the leading document management solutions in the world: M-Files, which is a great success, loyally serving 15 thousand clients among 80 different countries. The biggest strength of the M-Files lies in its simplicity: while expensive and complicated systems require maintenance by IT personnel, M-Files is equipped with an intuitive and friendly interface - without compromising on the important document management features.


Not Changing World Orders, but Integrating into them

One of the major problems of document management systems is the need to change the working habits of the users, which requires guidance and costly adaptation time. M-Files, on the other hand, does not require any change in the working method - this is the only document management system that fully interfaces with Windows. For instance, Windows Explorer, which displays the computer drives in the way with which we are all familiar, also displays the unique virtual drive of M-Files. What does that give you?

Accessing the organizational files is done exactly how one would access a standard Windows folder: complete and simple control of the system, which includes opening files, saving, dragging them from folder to folder - all using the familiar tools of Windows. The M-Files system also fully interfaces with the Office applications of Windows, allowing filing mails within the system (with or without attached filed).

And what about the paper documents? Scanning the documents directly into the system makes them part of the smart document management.


Quick Access from Anywhere

The smart search of M-Files saves the organization precious time by searching keywords in the database - instead of making a long and inefficient search in countless folders. The system also supports access to the same file from different folders, without creating a number of copies. The various search functions can be used in the virtual drive or by an online interface, which allows easy access to information anywhere and anytime.


Complete Control

Creating "live documents" allows saving the different versions of each document, accessing them, getting information about the identity of the users who have made changes in them, when the changed were made and the notes they have left. In a multiuser environment, mistakes can happen. Therefore, creating live documents guarantees no vital information is lost due to undesired changes. In addition, the check-out / check-in option allows only one person to edit a document at a time, preventing undesired interference. Above all this, the permission management system enables each user access only to the documents relevant to him.


Complete Adaptation to Your Needs

One of the biggest strengths of the system lies in its ability to adapt itself to the needs of the organization and not the other way around, by interfacing with various CRM programs and with Windows. To implement the system in the best possible way in your organization, we can made additional adjustments to improve performance: characterizing the organizational needs for filing and quick access of the desired information.

ADMS's experience in implementing document management solutions in organizations allows you to enjoy all the benefits of M-Files and even beyond that. To allow maximum convenience, we offer a full version in Hebrew, including right alignment.


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